The PLO Delegation in Washington, D.C. does not renew passports. The PLO Delegation’s role in this process is limited to certifying a Power of Attorney. The person named in the Power of Attorney must renew the passport at the Ministry of Interior in Palestine. You must send the certified Power of Attorney, passport photos and the expired passport, or a certified copy of the passport to the person named in the Power of Attorney to complete the renewal process.


 To certify a passport Powers of Attorney please follow these instructions:

·      Print and fill out the Power of Attorney form.

·      Sign the documents in front of Notary Public

·      Send 4 pictures with blue color background

·      Send money order of $50 payable to CASH

·      Mail to the following address: The General Delegation of the PLO to the United States, 1732 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington D.C., 20007

·      To ensure speedy delivery include express mail envelope with your address and stamps

·      To download the Power of Attorney CLICK HERE. To download the Power of Attorney for minors CLICK HERE.




The Mission

The General Delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the U.S. is the official representative of the PLO in the United States.

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