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Palestine comprises more historical, religious and cultural heritage than perhaps anywhere else in the world. We invite you to visit The Holy Land; meet the people of Palestine, indulge in the delicious food, explore the culture of an ancient people, marvel at breathtaking scenery, immerse yourself in century old traditions and always feel at home. Learn about the blessed sites of The Church of the Holy Seplechre, The Dome of the Rock, The Church of Nativity, The Wailing Wall and other religious shrines around the sacred region.

While planning a visit to Palestine, take time to research the area. Learn about the history of all the various cities. This valuable information will give added distinction to your trip. Our cities are abundant with life and vitality. Palestine offers a rich and unforgettable experience.

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The Mission

The General Delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organization to the U.S. is the official representative of the PLO in the United States.

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